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Is the price including the frieight?

Date: 2015-07-23
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Q:Is the price including the frieight?  

A:No,all our price don't include any shipping cost,you need to pay the shipping cost in advance.

What s the advantage of using LEDs over traditional incandescent light

Q: What's the advantage of using LEDs over traditional incandescent lighting?  

A: There are quite a few advantages to using LEDs. Generally they are heat less, use up to 90% less energy, and last up to 30 years. They are also smaller and do not contain any dangerous chemicals like mercury. They can readily be put in places that have always been too small or out-of-the-way for many incandescent lights, as well as in places that were always very dangerous or difficult to get to. Also, the more sophisticated LED apparatuses like wall washers and spotlights are DMX-controllable, which means they can be used in some really impressive ways.

The bottom line is that LED's are easier and safer to use than all previous lighting technologies. Plus, LEDs will save you money by consuming less power, lasting much longer, and generating much less heat, which in turn combine to result in lower climate control costs.

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