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Date: 2015-08-31
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      What it's design philosophy?

LED the emergence of broke the traditional design method of the light source and the train of thought, there are two kinds of the latest design concept.

1, scene lighting: the environment needs to design of lamps and lanterns. Lighting in place as a starting point, aims to build a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to foil scene effect, make the person feel the scene atmosphere.

2, mood lighting: the person needs to design the lamps and lanterns. Mood lighting is a human emotion as a starting point, from the perspective of people to create a kind of artistic conception of light environment. Mood lighting and lighting, lighting is dynamic, emotional appeal lighting system can satisfy the spiritual needs of people, make the person feels have emotional appeal, and the lighting is static, it can only emphasize the demand of the scene illumination, but cannot express the person's mood met, in a sense, emotional appeal lighting lighting.


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