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说明: What is LED Panel?LED panel lamp is a high-end interior lighting lamps and lanterns, outside its borders composed of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, light source for LED, the design of lamps and lanterns is beautiful concise, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effect, and can give a person with beautiful feeling. LED panel lamp design is unique, light after high light transmittance of guide plate to form a uniform plane light effect, intensity of illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft and comfortable yet bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. LED panel light also can prevent radiation, will not stimulate the pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.
说明: What it's design philosophy?LED the emergence of broke the traditional design method of the light source and the train of thought, there are two kinds of the latest design concept.1, scene lighting: the environment needs to design of lamps and lanterns. Lighting in place as a starting point, aims to build a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to foil scene effect, make the person feel the scene atmosphere.2, mood lighting: the person needs to design the lamps and lanterns. Mood lighting is a human emotion as a starting point, from the perspective of people to create a kind of artistic conception of light environment. Mood lighting and lighting, lighting is dynamic, emotional appeal lighting system can satisfy the spiritual needs of people, make the person feels have emotional appea...
说明: Installing form1,it can be embedded in the ceiling, wall and install the body surface;2,it can be hung from the ceiling or install body below. When set in white on the ceiling, the smallpox is color, very beautiful, clean and coordination;3, LED panel light with wide voltage design (AC85-240 - v / 50 to 60 hz), can be used in the world. High power LED with isolated power, constant current or constant voltage driver, high power efficiency, for grid pollution-free, stable performance, safe and reliable.
说明: AdvantageLED panel light uses high brightness LED as light source, suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, home interior decoration, such as indoor lighting, can directly replace the original common fluorescent lamp, and a higher brightness.
说明: Characteristic1, LED panel light design flexibility.2, LED panel light intensity of illumination.3, LED panel light produce less heat.4, LED panel light, long service life.5, LED panel light lamp change diverse ways.6, LED panel light lamp strong vibration resistance.7, LED panel light control ability.8, LED panel light low power consumption.
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